Month: April 2013

  I bought the victim home, then began cooking abuse on the stove. I chopped up pieces of ignorance and defeat; mixed heavily in a pot and feed it to me. Full of self hatred  and pride, it would take more ingredients for me to die. Brewing in the her belly was evil and chide […]

Judah’s Birth Men say, giving birth is a beautiful thing… I agreed silently until my turn came. Laying flat on a table. exposed, vulnerable, anticipating the cry of a newborn.  Nightfall – raining, pouring, down on the windows. my body traveling through multiple changes 10 centimeters deep Dilating… Sounds of medical staff in the distance. […]

A  Motherhood’s Terrorism completely annihilated from all children, screaming with disappointment, and fear. Threats from men, shocked many wombs, religious thoughts of vengeance and justice. Smashed together like bread and cheese. The young woman strapped her back  loaded homemade bombs. The preacher she became overnight. Freeing the minds of women alike dancing and praying to […]

She stopped to tie her shoe while cleaning up the broken home. Bent up with rage and exhaustion. The young mother still in her nightgown. Her three children all fast asleep thoughts gathered like a “New England storm”. There was no turning back . Silent with tears streaming the end was near , all she […]

Dear failure, of the past and future, I thank you now. There would be no success without you. I commend you failure. The darkness has challenge the essence of my soul the makeup of what is to really live free. The timely-ness and awkward sweats of dis-ease buds once again the motive of my creativity […]