A Motherhood’s Terrorism

A  Motherhood’s Terrorism

completely annihilated from all children,

screaming with disappointment, and fear.

Threats from men, shocked many wombs,

religious thoughts of vengeance and justice.

Smashed together like bread and cheese.

The young woman strapped her back  loaded homemade bombs.

The preacher she became overnight.

Freeing the minds of women alike dancing and praying to Allah

Her resistance grew from servant-hood;

lacking the qualities of her ancestors.

She boldly stood overlooking her future of all woman-kind.

The blood cycle,

the battle of nurturer flipped onto its’ head,

going to work instead!

Becoming Susie homemaker !

A cake baker ,

husband’s personal crap taker!

She quietly said, I quit.

Poet Krissy Mosley


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