A Mother’s Ego

I bought the victim home,

then began cooking abuse on the stove.


chopped up pieces of ignorance and defeat;

mixed heavily in a pot and feed it to me.

Full of self hatred  and pride,

it would take more ingredients for me to die.

Brewing in the her belly was evil and chide

 topped off and steamed with suicide .

Debating whether or not I could kill the ego

roasting in the oven.

Apologies spewed onto the floor ;

my children fully grown now,

to greet me.

Fear,low self esteem, self doubt

seated at the table awaited a feast.

The beast, I had prepared.

My shadows of the past showed up as dinner guest;

dark skinned, negro; poor class, short, single -parent home,

religious mother praying, bike riding in the rain.

This is my past ,haunting and scolding,

my inner enemy.


Poet Krissy Mosley


5 thoughts on “A Mother’s Ego

  1. Isabella

    Dear Krissy

    We have been following each other’s blog for quite some time now. I want to thank you for that. As my blog grew I struggled to give as much in return as I was receiving. I am sorry for that.

    Due to this, I am moving my work to this newly created website:


    I am staying on WP without much content shared.

    I wish you all the very best♡ ♡.

    Love, Isabella

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Visionariekind Post author

      awe- I’ll be sure to follow on your new site, thank you for the kind words; I haven’t been blogging as of late – I do appreciate your kindness – I’ll be sure check out your new site, sending hugs to you – let’s keep in touch 🙂



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