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Parted Waters(Napowrimo Day 24)

To honor victims’ of suicide and their families. May we find peace.Please share,take time to show love.Amani…. (Peace)

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry


The eggyolk bricks skipping places ,

Hallucinations pumping her gifted wings. 

 Kabbalah (tree of life) pryamids,  

Formulating Exits

Pointing to the “Chief CornerStone.”

The “one the builder’s rejected “

Hold on, victims’ of solidarity,

She parted many rivers

Closing the middle passage of suicide

Watching broken boats fly

Seven times,  

Shall we live,

Shall we live.


Poet:Krissy Mosley© 2014

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Roho Kuu: Mighty Spirit (Napowrimo 4/ 23/2014)

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry

Today’s prompt :writing a poem in another language. So my heart pulls toward that which I once studied but now it is a forgotten language to my tounge.Dedicated to my Swahili teacher Dr.Books, “Mama Titi” Something I created and put to song …Happy writing Amani
Translates: Two hands ,pray peace,mighty spirit, peace…

Mikono miwili,
Kuomba amani
Roho kuu

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Go to the Water


I go to the water 

there I will find my ancestors 

in worship and spirit,

becoming one breath.

I go to the water there I will find

My ancestors of rhythm and sleep

Emerging in water where deals are made of bone and fabric

The future me lies here in the water

I go to the water,

there I will find my ancestors.

Poet: Krissy Mosley all rights reserved 2014

All Men are Human (Napowrimo Day21)

I saw a homeless man,shoveling urban trash,
broken glass and all the city’s gumbo;
boiling with winter’s feet.
No pity he plowed
Philly’s streets.
His ringing cell phone surprised my empty pockets.
Rolling onto highways asking speeding cars for change.
The iron cage spoke plain.
“God Bless you girl,
all men are human,
we all just the same.”
Poet Krissy Mosley ©2014

“Gele” Head-Tied( Aborting All Negativity ) (Napowrimo Day 18)

So people wonder why I wrap my head, to be honest I started in phases,to love my self more,to create, to be inspired , and I was tied of looking like everybody else. Whatever our Art maybe,I think its empowering when Art is made… peace

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry


Where are you from;then I asked why?

Startled by my “Gele” my head tied.

With Iris-blue melodies, each layer gives me strength.

Daily rituals of positive formations, my tree is bent.

Portal of healing covering my head.

I am a queen in my own way.

Following  the God-One who hears me when I pray.

Lowering my eyes, calming down to listen.

Echoing noise of stillness.

Surrendering my monkey thoughts.

My nostrils flare, floating air is caught

Aborting all negativity.

Aborting all negativity.

Here I am in my process

Walking between the men.

Deeply undoing the hurtful stresses

This world can put me in.

This world can put me in.

Poet: Krissy Mosley All rights reserved 2014

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Thankful Soul (Napowrimo Day 15)

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry

Frankincense smothered,

beneath the withering bark of city trees.

Humming dig deep.

What shall I find?

A retrieved soul.

Many streams flowing of milk and honey.

Ghettos laid of straw.


my feet are walking.

Although I’ve struggled days without lights.

Thankful my hands are mighty.

Although my battles have been hard to fight.

Yes I’ve cried praying with my tears on the ground

I am a

Thankful soul.

Poet:Krissy Mosley©2014

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Her Voice

The reason I write,to tell stories and bring Spring even in Wintery times.
I love to share hope,and laughter GodBless. May our lives be rich Thank you for visiting either blog: Mother Bethel Poetry or kneal1
Poet:Krissy Mosley©2014

A Poet's Vision

 The stillness of water mimics the blue birds crackle.

She wrestled spring on her hips.

Aggressively painting sun-stained orange sometimes fiery-red.

Salivating with power on her tongue.

Blinking ,colliding two thoughts toward the sea of purpose.

Rolling down windows ,breaking into the attic to re-invent a voice of her own.

Poet Krissy Mosley.

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Morning Joy (Napowrimo Day 9)

What brings you joy? Look around and see Joy….Poet Krissy Mosley

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry

Emerald waters

Whispered hope,

The bright Sun sang a love song to me.

She was short,curly hair of wool,

Holding God’s hand ,

unshakeable, unmovable,

“these years have not all been pure sugar,”

Sometime raw,blistering winds,”

“but there is joy in morning ”

Poet Krissy Mosley

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Live Now (Napowrimo Day 10)

My desire is to live,simply without worry ….Here is my original work enjoy
Poet Krissy Mosley

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry

 The awkward walking frogs came to greet me.

Leaping, and flying into my swamps 

Dancing in mud pies ,

Jet landing fruitflies shared a sting so sweet.

God’s earthlings’

without fret.


Live now….



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A little More (Day 5 Napowrimo

It was more than a sickness.

It was more than love,

more than,

fear and faith; 

it was more than a date.

This thing and I; 

more than still-toed shoes

dancing good bye.

God and I,

 became lovers,

became joy,

became sweet buttermilk coffee

together without exasperation.

More than a swimmers smile

more than death, more than life, 

I am a conqueror, 

this God and I.


Poet: Krissy Mosley