Beauty of Peace

She birthed 

laughter, through prayer and rhythm. 

I can hear heavy moans multiplying; 

like evergreens planted by the waters.

Gurgling plops of translucent hope.

No more bleaching cream or formulas’ for cocoa butter tones.

The patches of skin laid by the Almighty

imperfectly red-brown

I am ,

beauty of peace,

this is my healing. 




Poet Krissy Mosley© 2014


11 thoughts on “Beauty of Peace

  1. The Rev. Deirdre Whitfield

    Woke up this morning having to look for my phone, not finding it I realized that I was going to have to make a trip to get it back. So I began to read some blogs I follow and this one came up. Thank you, a simple message but one that chiseled away some anxiety.


  2. cttbbelliott

    Motherbethel, I am thanking you for being such a strong and committed follower of my blog. I smile each time I see another photo or story I have posted that you are LIKING. I wish you the best Resurrection Day in the hopes we will find tomorrow a day of peace throughout the horrific hateful wars and near-wars (Ukraine) throughout the world. Blessings are felt on my end from our dear Lord each time I please you with warm thoughts through these awesome photos. Brenda

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  3. topazo

    She birthed
    laughter, through prayer and rhythm
    somehow this reminds me of Sarah and her ‘laughter’-Isaac. prayer and thanksgiving, sure ways to get our answers to our requests



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