“Gele” Head-Tied( Aborting All Negativity ) (Napowrimo Day 18)

So people wonder why I wrap my head, to be honest I started in phases,to love my self more,to create, to be inspired , and I was tied of looking like everybody else. Whatever our Art maybe,I think its empowering when Art is made… peace

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry


Where are you from;then I asked why?

Startled by my “Gele” my head tied.

With Iris-blue melodies, each layer gives me strength.

Daily rituals of positive formations, my tree is bent.

Portal of healing covering my head.

I am a queen in my own way.

Following  the God-One who hears me when I pray.

Lowering my eyes, calming down to listen.

Echoing noise of stillness.

Surrendering my monkey thoughts.

My nostrils flare, floating air is caught

Aborting all negativity.

Aborting all negativity.

Here I am in my process

Walking between the men.

Deeply undoing the hurtful stresses

This world can put me in.

This world can put me in.

Poet: Krissy Mosley All rights reserved 2014

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