All Men are Human (Napowrimo Day21)

I saw a homeless man,shoveling urban trash,
broken glass and all the city’s gumbo;
boiling with winter’s feet.
No pity he plowed
Philly’s streets.
His ringing cell phone surprised my empty pockets.
Rolling onto highways asking speeding cars for change.
The iron cage spoke plain.
“God Bless you girl,
all men are human,
we all just the same.”
Poet Krissy Mosley ©2014


1 thought on “All Men are Human (Napowrimo Day21)

  1. motherbethel Post author

    Reblogged this on Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry and commented:
    Hi everyone Thank you for all the Likes,I wrote this on my kneal1 page and thought this poem was good enough for MotherBethel and Napowrimo Day 21 .This is my original work base on a true event .I often have met many prophets in the street.Becoming a Blogger is still new thanks for your patience and peaceful messages. GodBless Poet Krissy Mosley © 2014



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