Month: November 2014

Walking this path to share a common suffering, that only the living know. My feet found the puddles and I did not dance. My eyes saw the rivers that I had not cross, and no one can measure the beauty in letting go. In step and stride, in the swampy holes , Out numbered by […]

This time we stood together to hate evil This time we fought together with our hands up For everything God made is beautiful in its time This time justice is on the wrong side of the people I have no time left to accept this kind of pursuit I have no time left to deflect […]

Grandma said, girly, Hold your nickel , and I did. Grandma say, spin baby ,let me see you spin. I’d go spinning on my toes and she’d say my, my, how you’ve grown. I’d show all my teeth and she’d say baby-girl hold your nickel between your knees Remember your space is holy that nickel […]

I channeled Moses, in the middle of the sky,  Laughed… explained why the sea went red, crossing miles and miles with unleavened bread what we need down below… church in space Somewhere in the middle of the sky with no wings and no slaves to trust ourselves the upside down worship with no games, no […]

Cries for Peace Give me peace, give me blood The price above safety and destruction What shall we believe? For royal freedom, until the sun doth not shine The beastly mark to loose my head. Shall not the world surrender, for the man that cried peace. Poet Krissy Mosley all rights reserved 2014

I been waiting for Nigerian thunder, moving against cast-iron trees cleansing my skin with maple sap  lost in my native tongue tapping my hands towards the land my song,my fight I’m waiting on me… Krissy Mosley2014 all rights reserved