No Time Left- Response to Ferguson

This time we stood together to hate evil

This time we fought together with our hands up

For everything God made is beautiful in its time

This time justice is on the wrong side of the people

I have no time left to accept this kind of pursuit

I have no time left to deflect

I have no time left, now that peace has lost the fight

I have no time left, to stand by and watch the next lynching victim

I have no time left, for I too have a son

No time left, to run away

No time left, to let my tears fall

No time left, to enjoy black friday’s

No time left,to cover my anger, with a friendly smile

No time left ,shot down:

Malcolm X , Martin Luther King, Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till

I have No time left, to list all the lives destroyed by this kind of violence

No time left to shout Ida B Wells right ,

“One had better die fighting against injustice, than to die like a dog or a rat caught in a trap”

This time Ferguson united us, casting away our differences

No time left, for this kind of injustice


Poet Krissy Mosley all rights reserved 2014


2 thoughts on “No Time Left- Response to Ferguson

  1. Jan Brown

    Beautiful words that tell a sad story, a story repeated too often to be left untold. “I have no time left, as I too have a son….” Your words strike a chord in all of us.



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