Judah’s Birth

I am so thankful of this Motherhood experience;just as it is with all the crying and laughter.When I think of Christmas I think of Judah’s Birth

A Poet's Vision

Judah’s Birth

Men say, giving birth is a beautiful thing.

I agreed silently, until my turn came.

Laying flat on a table exposed, vulnerable,

anticipating the cry of a newborn.

The night fall of raining, pouring, down on the windows.

my body traveling through multiple changes

10 centimeters deep Dilating….

Sounds of medical staff in the distance .

I could hear doctors say get her prep right away…

What was wrong? Having my baby too soon ;

Underdeveloped lungs ,bad prenatal care, transfered from here to there.

Throwing up my bowels is what I remember ,eight months three weeks

.Bleeding internally.

“Count to ten”, said he the doctor,

placing the oxygen mask over my face .

It was dark all day…. Reflecting,

making peace with the soul maker.

I thought I was eating right;working so hard to keep my status of medical care and salary .

Going to school did…

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