Monthly Archives: January 2015

Love Hand in Hand

Love was born violently shedding through the night.

And night she was beautiful playing hide and seek with the children.

Suffocating, bending, and jolting.

Love was born hand in hand.I saw love, hungry to feed my brokenness working two jobs,to give peace and teach me happy,

“ElShaddi,ElElyon,ElRoi,ElYisreal,Yeshua,Jah,Jehovah Shammah,Jehovah- Rapha,Jehovah Shalom”.I saw love.

Reviving the sluggish souls,to shake, whooshing, to breathe,Love was born unarmed ,uncounted,with her hands up Love was born beautifully in the night.


Good Morning Peace

Good morning peace, you bring me humanities tears

The Weeping Willows are strong,swaying through winter’s-smoke.

She said, there is no, why,to fix what we searching for.

The burdens peace must carry,childless,widowed and broken.

She shared her days forbidden to fight,

So gently she passes by our wounded streets.

Krissy Mosley©2015