Day 6,(Hero) I’ll Fly

This Poem received a lot of positive feedback so Thank you for all the likes and comments ..I’m feeling the love

From One Artist to Another thank you all ,blogging World means so much…

For who invited me to do this .I’m not good at these kinds of things such as:links and tech savvy stuff..  Thank you

When I grow up I’ll fly…

with silver cufflinks

chained to the free

engaged for their own sacred prosperity.

When I grow up no need for money man against man

One toward the penny the other toward the land

Rigid cold,freezing

Broken legs ,so learned to fly

Taking to the bitter dirt

I moved sluggishly on my stubby joints

Parting the mud between

the soul and body

when I grow up

I’ll fly  ….

Thanks everyone the most comments on this poem.I’ll Fly, so much love…

photogrid_1423989823545-e1424283873546 Best

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