Love in Ten

  1. Love is my feel-good tea.
  2. My Sunday Morning Hey-Ya,
  3.  My shake and bake,
  4. Love is the things I can not see.
  5. Love is my power, no man can control
  6. Love is letting go.
  7. Love is effortless.
  8. Love is how the trees are made.
  9. Love is my whirlwind
  10. Love is leaping through the universe.

“God is Love”

invited to Love in ten Sentences posted by: themissiontomars

Sending it forward I invite these Artist to share what Love is In ten Sentences

Post on your site and share the link with us.. Peace and Love







keep it going…


43 thoughts on “Love in Ten

  1. jjz3

    1. Love is warm water on a cold day.
    2. Love is believing even when the seeing isn’t there.
    3. Love is really knowing someone.
    4. Love is deep down in the bones.
    5. Love is easy silences.
    6. Love is my body strong, fully alive.
    7. Love is my child’s smile while sleeping.
    8. Love is seeing through the other’s eyes.
    9. Love is brokenness understood.
    10. Love is solidarity.

    Thanks kneal1.

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    1. kneal1 Post author

      wow so talented I like Love is brokenness understood ,right on…thank you
      feel free to invite others if you wish… and thanks for sharing your gift with us…


  2. themissiontomars

    Wow Kneal ❤
    Its wonderful, am overwhelmed to see how love from everyone is taking a yet new shape and face and still leading together at one point-love and loving.
    Am so glad of witnessing the love in your heart it feels so exciting and when you said-
    "Love is my power" love is effortless" wow!! It makes love "magical"
    Thanks so much for accepting my invitation and bringing out your feelings of love ❤
    Sending you love and hugs back ❤
    Rosalyn 🙂


    1. kneal1 Post author

      Rosalyn yes,magical indeed I am so amazed this Love in Ten is spreading like wildfire sending Hugs to you, Thank you for the invite. As others have joined us…What love can do! Peace my friend

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      1. themissiontomars

        Really, love is such a great power, it now seems to be consuming all pain here in wordpress and it feels really nice that we have a chain that now is spreading their “love”
        Sending you love my friend 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. themissiontomars

        Wow!! Am glad you saying this.. Lets make this happen again and again, do you have any prompt-ideas now in your mind? I’ll also think about it 🙂 It would really be fun..Looking forward to you ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      3. themissiontomars

        Hi Kneal..apologies for responding this late, was held up with my work and got back now and let’s give it a’s a wonderful thought..Looking forward to hear from you 🙂
        Love and regards 🙂
        Stay happy 🙂
        Rosalyn ❤

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      4. themissiontomars

        Hehehe 😀 that would be a big responsibility for today, my mind isn’t working all good now, but will try, still if am late please be patient, will post it before tomorrow ends 🙂
        Love and hugs ❤


      5. kneal1 Post author

        no worries take as much time as you need and get as much rest as you need …All is well my friend no rush…sending much love… (this is the best part apart about being human taking care of ourselves)

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      6. themissiontomars

        Thanks so much for such kindness flowing from your lovely self 🙂 Today all i wanna do is respond back to my “blogging-family” cause had been away so long but i assure i won’t keep you wait too long 🙂
        Take care too my friend 🙂

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      7. kneal1 Post author

        so sweet, yes we miss your words but we are always here for you… I’m going to make some turmeric tea so I can get better myself…Get all the rest and tender loving care you need…(as will I) peace and love…

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      8. themissiontomars

        Thanks so much for your sweet-words 🙂 You have a way to make me smile 🙂 Thanks so much..the days i wasn’t here, really i kept missing this family, felt so secluded away, thank god i could come back soon..
        Wow!! how you make that “turmeric-tea” suddenly i feel like having one too..
        Stay blessed 🙂

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      9. kneal1 Post author

        really enjoy talking with you; Well there are several ways and since I only buy the ground tumeric I add just a little it into my herbal or chamomile tea with some honey for taste very relaxing…

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