Love’s Tree

                   Inflamed earthquakes

                   Invisible to my cry

                   I saw love tenderly tending,

Exchanging her life for me

I saw love marching to a lovers’ drum

I saw love hanging between two thieves

With vinegar stained lips

“The Temple’s Veil” torn in two

“Forgive them,” that’s what I saw love do!


15 thoughts on “Love’s Tree”

    1. thank you so much Rosalyn, Yes you bit us good with love, I had to go for round two,I’m all smiles ,sending much Love to you and many blessings…Peace

    1. oh thank you so much, I would be happy to participate and I’m glad you’ve given us some time to fulfill this
      request. Peace many blessings I’ll be working on this…

      1. You’re most welcome my dear sis! Yes please do!
        I’d love to hear about your writing process, my sister! You are a great poet, indeed! 💗
        Thank you for your kind words! Luv you!

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