Month: April 2015

Ode my spirit strumming chimer -ing straws of memories I was called here bumming rides on-wombs of mercy Ode spirit – shivering greatness -in birth Ham-bone and grinning Junes’  Snow Blueberry oak Expanding in Milk and Honey Ode spirit, I’ve come… I’ve come, home. Day Thirty

(Free google image) His hat hung just above the tiled brow. Formerly he wore his best, High altered pursuit -Ivory Grey Drinking -dusty winds Perching, gently its blue-ish bill. Practicing his craft on human-rubbish Gliding his hallowed cry – eeeer. Against  ghetto ‘s, sand-dunes,war zones and cliffs too  Robotic faces shhing  feathered hands  still on he […]

Sanity -Night, Hog-weeds are much taller in late-spring. Miles of untapered Normality-falling into shard-glass. Hearts-pumping in misery Watching the sun and moon hold hands pressing breast to breast -ironsmithing, effervescent breathing… Fabric-wrapping Emerald’s Violet kisses  through subway tracks, stretching printed patterns that make each girl, Rich, giggling in spoons of love. In this poem I give […]

Planting tree space in my soul. Tilling watered holes turning over anew. Gardening inward growth preparing for harvest. As (April )National Poetry Month is quickly passing- I am blessed today with all goodness and kind words, flowing on my blog and others(such positive goodness) . Please visit if you haven’t Day Twenty-Seven The dedication bloggers […]

In the words of my  -Great Aunt Ella ( I attempt the Persona Poem) This is a story often told as a child growing up- I never met my Great Aunt God rest her soul. Chile- “S-O-B treat me like that I’d kill-em all over again! And If ya wanna go to hell-let’s travel! He […]

Horizontally stretched in opposite direction A runner’s stance – orchestrated to go the distance. Measuring her (stride)full -breath each vibrating  tentacles evoking the wind There are earthquakes, of explosions in all directions no  isolated acts in tragedie each mother’s child Just a step in way of  bombing blows of9’11 Just a gunshot away of Walter […]

Up this morning feeling so good & happy Thinking happy thoughts Did a happy dance Mixed in a little, raw sugar and Whip cream Played all my happy records Minded my own happy-bidness! Sneezed a happy sneeze Put on my best Springy- Maxi-dress Walked off my happy porch And… Lawd have Mercy! A flat Tire! […]