Day (1) Sunrise (Napowrimo

Perhaps the day never breaks,
and night remained king,
Surely we’d scurry about,
in twilight hoping
But suppose our souls wern’t worth saving,
would be everything

18 thoughts on “Day (1) Sunrise (Napowrimo”

      1. Thanks Ruth, amazing blog ,you’ve been here a while, I could learn a few things from you, hope to stay connected…Many blessings Krissy…

      2. You’re so kind, Krissy, but I think you’ve got this inspired poetry thing locked down pretty tight already! I follow a lot of poets, but you’re one of my favorites. Keep in touch! Take care, Ruth

  1. You’re a great poet sis kneal! You should tell us about your creative writing process, next Monday! 😍
    Can’t wait to read yours!
    Much loves for you! 💗

      1. Don’t mention it, dear sis! Wow it’d be great!
        You will post it for us, right? Rosalyn n I have chosen you!
        Thank you for loving me! 💗

      2. I see, indeed and it is truly an honor to have such wonderful talented writers such as you (Fatmawaty and Rosalyn) choose me so you I’m feeling the love thank you sis…

      3. You made my day, dear sis! your great word is prayer for me, I hope a few times later I’ll be a good writer like you! Ameen! I too! I love you, I love Rosalyn and all great friends here! WordPress is our world! 😉

      4. you already are Ameen (Ah-woman)…( there is something inside so strong,we got this) For all those who have come before us…much love to you..I love you my sis..

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