Lightning Bugs (Day2) Napowrimo

Dangerously happy,

flying with fireflies

bugs  And fiery-winds,

Soaring above,Sun’s mindful speed

Beyond thee anchored

wine stained doors

pass that “Great Abyss”

If ever I could hold one prickly round star

but for a moment,

touch a holy-thing.


23 thoughts on “Lightning Bugs (Day2) Napowrimo

    1. kneal1 Post author

      you are not late, please join in, I’ll link to you the site for Napowrimo you submit your blog site and start posting immedatily also reading the promts helps to get through the 30 day many blessings to you my fellow poet I’ll be sure to check out more of you’re work I know its gonna be awesome…Many blessings

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      1. kneal1 Post author

        okay let me know if you find the prompts and try again to go to submit your site and copy and page your wordpress address into the required spaces

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      2. kneal1 Post author

        check National poetry writing month on Facebook as well for the prompts and follow..I hope this helps I felt the same way last year when I wanted to participate so don’t feel late or behind just start what ever day we are on and enjoy the poetry and enjoy all spring brings I think you are a wonderful writer..

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