Day19(Landays Poetry) Napowrimo

KV9J2775_opt landays

In my dreams, I am a star.

 Awaken to a service.

without bread.

Maybe I’ll outlive them all.

written in honor of Landays Poetry, I tried….


12 thoughts on “Day19(Landays Poetry) Napowrimo

  1. zikaolofin

    I like this Krissie. Sometimes things happen that leave a sad aftertaste. Today you had the opportunity to talk about it again and you did a good job of it. You’ve done well. And oh I love you theme.☺

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    1. kneal1 Post author

      wow ,thank you Zika your kind words are so encouraging…I hope school is treating you well. I am so glad you are pursuing your dreams…Many blessing to you my friend…

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