About Me: `Kindness Sister`

Welcome to my page:

I come from a long line of women. I was raised, partially in San Antonio TX. The latter teen yrs onward in Philadelphia PA. I not only observed but also engaged in the daily bread-winning process in my family. My mother and her three kids: picked cans, served at church, washed our clothes in the bathtub saying our prayers like mantras toward a mellow-yellow sky.

Growing up, I could not wait to be on my own. Thinking that I’d make better choices than my mother. The days and years turned, like pages of fire,  burning strong. The test of times against my skin.

The most unforgettable moment as a child was my mother coming to my basketball practice to pick me up early due to the pouring rain. We didn’t have a car at this time. So she used what she had.

There she was, my mother, soaking wet on her “ten-speed bike.” She told the coach “yeah I’m here to get  Krissy,  so she doesn’t walk home in the rain.” The coach looked in shock like a deer in headlights.

Coach: Krissy, your mom’s here.

I could hear the laughter from the other girls as I rode away with my mother in the rain on the only source of a vehicle at the time.

Stars, moons, and suns later, I went to college. To better myself. Taking out school loans like any other youngster without an inheritance. It was my sophomore and junior years that challenged my faith and commitment. I was diagnosed was rare allergic environmental eczema which made my skin irritated, itchy, swollen all over, unable to attend class regularly and taking cortisone steroid shots.

Needless to say, I got well. I pulled my grades up and graduated. I  journeyed on, like a lioness crossing the Sahara desert. I got married and changed jobs like the weather- wearing jeans on a cloudy day.

My motto: I’m not dead yet!

Thanks for following me~your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley



Published by: Visionariekind

Krissy Mosley is a story-teller. Recalling stories to build bridges of peace. A folklorist to bring sounds of joy and healing vibrations. Krissy Marie is a writer /feminist, mother advocating for change surrounding women’s rights and women's’ issues.

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7 thoughts on “About Me: `Kindness Sister`”

  1. hehhee yes..this was my Me page and some how it was linked to my current postings of Poetry for yesterday so I said forget about…I changed themes and I have to work out the kinks…

  2. Hello Krissy – happy to have found your blog, through Joycelin in Papua New Guinea, all the way around the world! It seems that when we face struggle and hardship, it really defines who we are, gives us grit and perseverance. When I look at those who were overly protected and rarely, if ever, had to struggle, I give thanks for what formed me along the way…blessings.

    1. Hi Ms. Annette, I’m so glad you have come along my path. Thank you kindly of all of these loving words. I agree, it is one grateful moment – even as we endure, trying to be human. We have much in common, I’ll be sure to follow your blog blessings sister…

  3. Krissy, I’m so delighted that I came across your blog. Your openness and vulnerability is most refreshing. I know I will be challenged and inspired by your words. Thank you for writing. 😊

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