Running with the Trees Day 25) Napowrimo


Horizontally stretched in opposite direction

A runner’s stance – orchestrated

to go the distance.

Measuring her (stride)full -breath

each vibrating  tentacles

evoking the wind

There are earthquakes, of explosions in all directions

no  isolated acts in tragedie

each mother’s child

Just a step in way of  bombing blows of9’11

Just a gunshot away of Walter Scott

Run with me-

Her elbows are rubbed in hope’s grease

her heart pumping in endurance

and though darkness has comes

She has no legs to run

her eyes glare at the finish

her strength arose from the rims of despair

 Running to a

that place where hurt shall be no more

Running to the trees touch that sky

running for her freedom

running because I count too!

Running for my life


laying,- aside my fears

Running. to grow my trees,


This poem is inspired by: Oklahoma Bombings, Events9’11 and the current tragedy in “Nepal”


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