Piece of Joy Haiku

Morning Breeze

brings me


I have taken a small blogging break. It feels good in this space. Still loving life and dancing to the wind.I’m not quite sure when I’ll blog daily. After-all the wind is magical landing in my ear. Whispering to me write,dance and sing, This is me, doing my weekly Poetry…(all rights reserved2015)


7 thoughts on “Piece of Joy Haiku

  1. Maren

    I am missing your blog and hope that there will be a balance between daily — which becomes too much of a burden and a couple times a week when joy or spirit or tears touch you.

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    1. kneal1 Post author

      awe thank you kindly for your words. They mean so much -Maren.Truly blessed me reading this. Indeed balance….(I will carry this with me-much love to you -many blessing my friend…



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