Month: November 2015

To my daughters, take the time to cry and be strong. When you have shed your tears, lock the doors and give your spirit permission to speak. The portal of stillness will motivate our bodies to find its life force. – Wings of My Sister VisionariKindness 2015   After writing this rough draft, I have […]

  To see a rare flower bloom, over a clever glass of snow and hold but for a twinkling spark of peace, that could ignite a quest for life. My soul would grow wings and I’d fly. VisionarieKindness 2015 (image credit Malisha Goggans)

Although the egoic mind points the blame. Perilous times shall come. All the world’s afraid, hurt cannot be transformed. So let the wound lie open, let the winds blow on the wound, sprinkle a savor’s salt on the wound, let the wound lie open. Our days are numbered and our days are short. Love cannot […]

Wash me rivers of love like tiny rose petals budding underneath tapered  fields Wash me bare my imperfections with the tides Healing storms in my pocket deeper and deeper still Wash me… Visionariekindess2015  (Image by Malisha Goggans)

As I come back, after taking a few weeks off from blogging, I must be honest with myself I didn’t want to accept this award. I felt like I was not worth it. I felt buried under all the stuff that made life painful. I know now, I’m growing from a dark past, growing from […]