Soulful Whisper

lighthouseI am grateful for the art of writing. As midnight holds my sorrow. A new day has come to cheer. I am grateful – for my eyes, I can see. For my ears, I can hear. For my heart that does not leave, I am grateful for mothering prayers. To breathe to be still- to laugh until the tears fall. Upon a fleeting midst – living and dying. The same silly dance of gravity.


When I’m old and can no longer see, frail – growing in wisdom’s gill. Strolling by the tracks of the sea. The waters shall come to carry me on the backs of the masters’ and the fruit my people.

Seeding down a deeper love…

VisionarieKindess2015 (image credit photo Malisha Goggans)


17 thoughts on “Soulful Whisper

      1. terryb

        You’re welcome and blessings back to you! I finally remembered what was tickling my memory… the book, “Bless Me, Ultima” by Rudolpho Anaya. There is a fish in the story that represents wisdom and spirituality if I remember correctly… a very good read, as was your post! 🙂


    1. Visionariekind Post author

      hahaha cracking up- only baby is a literary book on the way …Thank you for asking – I’ve been spending a lot blogging time offline to write in-hopes of a novel in print. Blessing to you hope are well…

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