Manifesto Poetry

poetry peace

I am electric

My creative flow – makes up who I am, and who I am becoming

I am art

I am these poetic currants

I am studying me

I am growing my art’s intuition

I am my art’s path- toward my true self

I am loving  all of it- up’s down’s – the ins and outs of art making

Poetry lets me breathe

I am alive

I am much more than words alone

I am this journey to my oceans

I am the lungs to my pen

I am beating, loving and reaching….♥

VisionarieKindness ©2016





18 thoughts on “Manifesto Poetry

  1. Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author

    Hello Krissy,

    Another fabulous poem ❤ .. I seen you had popped over to my blog, so I wanted to say, "Thanks" and I wish you many blessings in this New Year XOXO .. Book promoting has kept me from visiting all my favorite blogs lately, so my new year promise is once a week go visit and see what everyone's up to on Sundays! Lets see how long that lasts….. LOL.

    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shunpwrites

    Ooooh weeee!

    This is instructive on so many levels. Whenever I come across past works of mine, I often feel as I am being walked through something new that was invisible at the time of its creation.




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