Monthly Archives: January 2016


We are trying people

Trying to help somebody

Trying to save ourselves

Trying to better our lives

Trying to do it right

Trying to live

Trying not to die too soon

Trying to be kind

Trying to resist

Trying to stand up

Trying to heal

Yes we are a trying people



midnight sky

Longing nights and teary streets

My world does not stop and bends-

on its knees,

My closets are full uncried tears yearning to break

On the axis of things unseen

un-fleeting miracles, re-awaking singing bowls

Suffering and its religion

The fatty calf, rocks of honey

Eternity sleeps with healing in the trees.






Manifesto Poetry

poetry peace

I am electric

My creative flow – makes up who I am, and who I am becoming

I am art

I am these poetic currants

I am studying me

I am growing my art’s intuition

I am my art’s path- toward my true self

I am loving  all of it- up’s down’s – the ins and outs of art making

Poetry lets me breathe

I am alive

I am much more than words alone

I am this journey to my oceans

I am the lungs to my pen

I am beating, loving and reaching….♥

VisionarieKindness ©2016