Month: August 2016

A simple flowing stream, A calming force. Breathing out every stress of life, Breathing in beauty to thrive.

It may be hidden in the deepest thoughts of prayer and surrender. It may await us in the deepest levels of knowing who we are, Or rest just above naval mines. Maybe in the gutters of Skid Row, Straddling opposite directions facing the rust belt. Where we once saw factory workers, sweatshops, and church-goers, drinking […]

Our insides are just the same. Nakedly disclosing our earthen-burdens webbed of suffering, and morning joy O’ that we may live, like the roots that we are, ring by ring but we are the stories. Nakedly, we count raindrop’s golden dust. Ode to our inner bark, that our hearts would heave abundance…      

That’s what caused the cool whispering leaves to chill, dah-ta, ooh ee right beside me, cuddling my toes, right as I’d stood still.   I captured this image yesterday on the playground with my little one…  

The evening and the morning, are one and the same- beckoning my loins to pray. And yet a little while – our bodies exude a mist of metaphysical liberation with limits because we have forgotten our tongues, uttering the essence of being. My knees are wrapped in the riverbeds in the east stroked by lightning, caressed by […]

She had moved in- reconnecting endings, like shadows following us. Rising, to make amends, telling of her memoirs- thoughts of he, thoughts of she, Never losing the weight -she sacrificed her dreams. Mothering -to make the lights turn on. Mothering, to keep that heat- singe every fiery demon within. Mothering our names, Mothering our pelvic rhythms, Mothering my […]

In all things, art is like tender wounds. Only a few will heal. Earnestly shedding the light that darkness yields. We touched the starry skies less we sleep. We harness the passions of our dreams. We surrender multitudes – uneased mysteries. We ride the banks that our forefathers, trapped our burdens, through the blood. And […]