Higher Self


The purpose of falling wonders under hollow world’s like this one.
Tailoring lightening in our hands, as the world, will breathe on you.
Wisdom gills’ are open.

Then the indescribable knowing,
pain has tied its’ shoes to the knees of suffering.
The calling of our names proved that we belong under the falling lights.

Here in the crowning of mornings’ she takes her rest.
In this knowing, we are more than merely surviving, more than the songs we have feathered. Over the tears that march down streets. Burning strength to go on.

So go on,
Chant with the winds that rush. Spread out and part the waters on both sides. Crossover into this knowing, the purpose of falling wonder,

that you are the miracle in waiting, you are the necessary element, you are bone, you are light, you are befalling, wonder in this knowing.



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