Month: October 2016

To the girl going on fourteen They’ll say you can’t Put on your left shoes Write with your left hand. But it was never them, just us That I should dare to be anything I’ll use scissors to cut away- pretending those howling polls March while they are fasting Stay awake but watch them sleep […]

  Sitting alongside the young Journey River, Our heads cleanly-shaven, We have given our glory to the waters. Our tears are old and gray. Temporarily blinded by this need for eternity. Their bodily perfume runs along its banks. Taken away with Rosehips and Hibiscus, We have come once more to cross. We come for the […]

Perhaps I’ve told my life dreams for the zillionth time. Sinking further into something I know nothing about. The sulfur in my mouth, The stillness thumping in third shift The metal particles, I find glimmering, I scratch deeper in sleep, and it feels like They have brought the rapture to my bed. And I do […]

My knees are made of rivers. Not my own, but I do not know it, Private landings synchronizing limb to limb. My womb is spirit- My womb is spirit. A window onto its own dawdling stride in rhyme through war zones. Rivers bending backward but I do not know it, Shallow, unheard, rushing- faster I […]