Month: November 2016

    Staying the river, unlike man whose plans are merely passing But to touch everlasting joy. A new language hailing the souls of darker paths. Under tongs into precious palettes. Freedom has nothing to do with winning the race Rather everything with losing the battle and finding More of what was lost, The very […]

Autumn had finally brought summer’s thrashing massacre to a halt. To appreciate longer flickering nights of cooler winds. As if two warriors had finally come to one agreement. The sky would round itself closer to us. Our bodies recuperating from the previous feat. Bronzing our skins with a radiated glow. Looking at daylight, permeated a […]

When we are overwhelmed with safety for our physical bodies, we are seeking refuge. Loneliness steps into a grip, those despairing moments. Demanding bisque for healing. Unattended ears pressing toward the mark. Re- gathering the daughters of giant men. Mother God, our light. Discern our direction. Father God, my Baba. Our times, our night. Strive again […]