The Midst (ebook “Seventh Fire”

quest of life.jpg

Anytime my fire begins to die,

I dare it to burn brighter

Turning the flames in my hands

Smudging seven spirits

My spine snaps into place.

Burn I say – take shape – I say

Burn against my spine – I say


Shaving my head,

Ravishing through and through

Transcending, I dare it –

I say- die again,

Old trappings of sub-oppressors

Turn-over, I dare you.

Burn down idols of heaven, and my body too.

Let us eat the white powdered calf, wet- between my teeth.

Hold still, these bones of sorrow, pomegranates spotting-red.

Marry the purebred collies, herding the flock

Step out of line, I dare you.


Melt down the pitchforks

Mummify the guns – under seven seas

Breaking the yolks, wielding poverty

Clothing the Africans

Dancing a holy thing

For I have come back

I dare you


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