When we are overwhelmed with safety for our physical bodies, we are seeking refuge. Loneliness steps into a grip, those despairing moments.
Demanding bisque for healing.
Unattended ears pressing toward the mark.
Re- gathering the daughters of giant men.

Mother God, our light.
Discern our direction.
Father God, my Baba.
Our times, our night.

Strive again with us.
Come, Oh Baba, find common ground
I pray that you feel,

Within this fragment
Dividing the waters above
Decimal of waters times waters
Bobbing in the heartless matter

Again shall you breathe the breath of life
Sinew upon sinew
Dash upon dash
Ground over troubled findings
life to live again

Life to discern our direction
Mother God, our light
Father God, my Baba
Our times, our night
Ashe’ Selah


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