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Still Alive Day (5) Napowrimo

Happy Risen Day

A Poet's Vision

No greater Gulf between hell and I

Perhaps the rupturing twilight

could speak

For I never saw a man with holes in both hands and still be alive

Betrayed for pennies of  fear

Ah-that Christ must die

watching the dust

settle,  under seeds that

refuse to do any thinking of growing

For I never saw a man on fire and not be turned to ash

weakened by devicely


the serpents’ crawl

bitten with just one kiss

I pray to understand

these wages of sin has given dollars of death that do not spend

Upheaving Justice, that suppose our souls, wern’t worth the saving!

Here I am -again,

if we can’t overcome

and we can’t ever overstand,

Then what’s a man gotta do to get a little water his thirst!

For I never saw a man whose only kingdom was the cross

Some men have it all, some are lost,

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To be more than a writer.  To thrive. To shape my world in happiness, dance in the showers of creativity and never stop to ask why. It was dreaming of a life unscathed – walking into the midst of a morning’s’ bloom, knowing life’s renewed force bids me come closer and drink from the healing leaves of joy.~K.M.

After All

window-1768850_1280We were trying people
Trying not to repeat the past
Trying to hold crazy together
Trying to open up inside
Trying to make it right
Trying to pick up the pieces
Trying not to give up
Trying to fight
Trying to stop frivolous wars
Seem like nonsense/ to keep on trying
And we do it / ain’t nothing wrong with trying~K.M.