Month: June 2017

Before the morning sun could cusp it’s meeting of dew. Sweet lifts in clovers, surrounded the ground. A flock of birds in full swing. We brought our rounded broken hearts of flesh. A new morning to touch. Fresh oil to pour. A prayer we give to thee.~Krissy♥

I gently let go – any (and all) desperation. I gently let go all worry. I gently let go of yesterday. I gently receive all miracles. I gently receive joy. A gentle renewed love in hope in grace in wisdom.~Krissy photo:

If I should lay down in wellness/ all else will fall away.  When I am at loss for words. There is no threat all/ else will fall away. In wellness, in sweet relief…all else will fall away. ~Krissy ♥  

I’m thankful for this blog to share a story, to share a plea.I’m thankful for glowing winds. I’m thankful for jolly mountain tops and dashing streams. I’m thankful for city parks and noisy streets. Most of all I’m thankful for quiets moments of peace. ~Krissy Mosley 2017 Image: by my own personal camera  

To deny a people their human rights is to challenge their  very Humanity- Nelson Mandela The dignity of Justice will come / she will lift up her head all else will fall away. So many are destitute they’re, skirts too short, their mouths are videos for a keepsake, it records- ever plays. We bare a […]

I was ten maybe the girl-next-door was about eight. I remember the smoke circling our house. The flames escape me.  Just that afternoon I pleaded with mom to let me play in the back with our neighbor.  Her mother brought her baby sister outside. She sat her next to us – we’d bake mud pies and […]