What belongs to a Woman?


What belongs to a woman? If it weren’t denied/ flushed pulsing with the hysteria of abortion rights, suicide, and coat hangers.

A long walk home, to gain a portion liberty if not liberty then our mothers who sat in lunch counters, awaiting a chance to be served, and rode on buses to spare her an ounce of dignity, for how far we’ve walked in the silence of tomorrow.

Deployed in war zones which should have been our bodies – it should be holy, undefiled like the sanctuary, on eve of sunrise morning,

and tell the world what belong to a woman’s body is her right to choose.

(photo image Pixabay.com) here is the audio version: 


12 thoughts on “What belongs to a Woman?

  1. TheFeatheredSleep

    I was about to say this was a bit brilliant but no this is just STRAIGHT OUT BRILLIANT oh my goodness you just SAY THE TRUTH HERE in a way few can. I think Tre writes a little like this also, she has a way of getting to the truth that I always thought was very well done, and you do this also, in your cutting away of the stuff that really doesn’t matter and unveiling what this is really about. I wish others could share your insight and I am very, very glad you share it with us. Well done.

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    1. Visionariekind Post author

      TheFeatheredSleep I appreciate, every word I’ve come to read this twice over. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you kindly yes I’m of found of TRE’s work and as well as yours. I thank you from my heart to the heavens – I’m all smiling tears, (my weekend has been made bright by these words) blessings to you my dear friend

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