Civil Uprising

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To deny a people their human rights is to challenge their  very Humanity- Nelson Mandela

The dignity of Justice will come /
she will lift up her head
all else will fall away.
So many are destitute they’re, skirts too short, their mouths are videos for a keepsake, it records- ever plays. We bare a naked stainless, faltering pleas.
Our fashions are robust, yet not well suited for its court
Sitting upward, cut down in a blink of a trigger
The dignity of one, advantageous to the blind, to the poor, to the beggar, indispose and she must contend with bedfellows, and be a concubine to law abiding foes
To cleanse a starry stench, and make her “crooked places straight” to divest her burden is not enough, nor every man’s day in court.
She must clothe herself in wisdom,
walk to Zion if you please.
Hold in trying times.
She who needs equity and dignity
in the name of Justice. Krissy Mosley2017

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