Letters to My Father’s Killer

To say- I saw the day approaching… My bones grew up without one mention of what life must be. A threefold chain to shutter waters upon a grave.

To stand on 54th street, knowing this place, I walk by. A man died here. He was my father. A broken tender blade fell into his heart. The white carpet sobbed -his blood in us.
I was three, my brother and sister four. If I ever met my father’s killer I’d say thank you. For this lingering moment- satisfied how proud I must make the man I will not know.  Thank you, for every day, I strive to make it home.

Thank you, without delay, I cause no further hurt. For this wound, gave – many a lesson.  Life can be a simple pause so I dare to make this one my very best.
Dear Father, I love you.~Krissy
(A True Story of My Childhood) (photo image Pixabay)

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