Month: August 2017

Finally, Summer has played an ending tune. A fine murmuring prayer. Syrupy sweet -were the dreams collapsing into rivers, there are salty streams from which I’ve swim.  Its waters are tingling cold. Dressed in buttered -moons a lingering haze to remember life patterning’-tin, the cicadas are buzzing, the green forest is pressing the nightfall to […]

A revolution of hope shares the stories of old, a time of being…~Krissy Mosley image taken by Asadah Kirkland founder of Chicago Soulful Book Fair.  

It was the motherload of all book fairs to-date. The night before I could hardly sleep. I tried to calm myself down with a cup of Chamomile – but this brain of mine was on ninety. I tried deep-breathing and became even the more stirred with excitement. I kept saying oh- I wonder, how will […]

One being human it is like a child buckling the shoes of shoelaces that are too big, too heavy and still- he/she ties them because it is all we can do. Wanting to walk, without tripping over mistakes. Wanting to run yet having no idea of how to do it differently. So what if there […]