SoulFul Chicago BookFair (7/17/2016)

It was the motherload of all book fairs to-date. The night before I could hardly sleep. I tried to calm myself down with a cup of Chamomile – but this brain of mine was on ninety. I tried deep-breathing and became even the more stirred with excitement. I kept saying oh- I wonder, how will it be!

As I arrived a group of Soulful BookFair Authors greeted us warmly. My booth had been previously set. Asadah’s team lead the fair in high gear. Talk about an organized street-fair with purpose and prestige. The Soulful Chicago BookFair was just that. Untitled design (1)

All white, drums rumbling left and right. Chicago winds moved in rhythm. The Soulful Fair-Float was miraculous in splendor. Two performing stages. Music and laughter. Might I add books, books, and more books?

Oh, I was a proud little something – to give Saltwater On My Knees a place at the table.

It is a Poetic journey of sisterhood, mothers, and daughters. Her connective tissues are us. Lively, pulsing with poetry. A book of Mother -God, one that is loving, kind and nurturing humanity back to our original form. Before the hatred, degradation, and fear.

I wrote Saltwater on My Knees to pray with all of you who wish to join me. In a journey of love and hope that even in darkness we can hold dear the light, we have found.


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