Not everyone likes taking the family photo. There’s usually one or more. However, I’ve learned a great deal with photos they capture moments and moods of many faces. Whether good or bad. Indifferent or sad. We’d come gathering all our emotions on the stage. It may not have been the best of times, yet we’ll remember this one. In love, when some of us are so very young. Some were tired and ready for the day to be done. Some not so sure what to be, even the in-betweens are okay.

image family photo by Margaret Mitchell


6 thoughts on “FamilyPhoto

  1. rhcwilliams

    Little one behind the flower looks done for the day, Krissy! Kudos for getting the whole family to stand still for a picture.

    PS Margaret Mitchell… Didn’t she write Gone With the Wind? 🙂 Big fan!



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