Burnt Toast Sanctuary: (Don’t Worry Be Kind)


Today I had the bright idea of blogging and making toast the old fashion way. Like, get out the butter and skillet. Put the bread in the pan and then start writing. My little house filled with all the same aromas like grandma’s house. The bread and butter melted in the pan. Soft hints of warm buttery goodness were everywhere.

That’s when it dawned on me that cooking and blogging may not have been such a great idea after all. Hence the title of this post.

However, It has taken me years to figure out how to apply kindness in my day to day life. Like being kind to your self even after you burn the toast. It’s still edible well some parts are. Nevermind, where was I?

Oh yes, sure going to Religious service with others who are generally in the ballpark of treating your neighbor like you would like to be treated helps a great deal.

Or allowing the person in front you take the time needed in making up their mind while you wait. All these things are kindness beatitudes. If you will.

For me, kindness is a sanctuary of things both unspoken and effective. A safety net that when in doubt show a little heart of kindness.

It may pay it off it may not,
but I’m walking away with no strings attached.

I gave you what I have.
No doubt about it.

Was it thoughtful?
Was it genuine? Was it Kind?
Did it spring from the heart?

So as I chew on some parts burnt some parts toasted just right. Don’t Stifle Kindness.

Be kind to your self and let that same kindness support you in being kind to others around you.

P.S. Might I add I’m a fan of burnt toast…

signing off your kindness sister~Krissy (image by the author)

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