Now Go & Tell That:


If you should ask, has my kindness ever been mistaken for weakness?
I’ll answer yes.

If you should ask, were there times I felt like being genuinely caring and humble made me out to be a laughing stock and doormat?
I’ll answer yes.

If you should ask if I believe that kindness is a bit much for the average person?
I’ll answer in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ” I’ve decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”


Don’t get it twisted I’m only human.
However, if I can carry out one thing in my life. I would say it’s kindness.

I’m learning a lot on this journey. As become a conveyor for peace.
Kindness is transformative in ways I could not have understood before starting this chapter.

It’s a lot of forgiving of myself and then others.

It’s being able to see my flaws and scratches along with my skin and say I’m loving me. Even as I have made a mess of my life.

Just a kind word get’s me out of a moppey – poopey place.

And it’s only the beginning…~Krissy Mosley

Now Go & Tell That:

image by Pixabay

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3 thoughts on “Now Go & Tell That:

  1. Covert Novelist

    Indeed. It happens to me too. People think your “too” kind, “too” loving, “too” caring or you don’t have a backbone. Trust me on this, I do! It’s a side I keep to myself, but if you bring the tiger (and it would have to be warranted) you will get the tiger. Otherwise, I believe living life to the fullest means with kindness, love and respect. I get you, completely.



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