Now Go & Tell That: (part two)


When I see the world pulling in thousands of directions: One without purpose, depleted humanity’s moral codes, and lastly, a discrepancy in the vision of those who put their lives on the line.

So that this generation, can live the dream of our mothers and grandmothers, and of those whose only hope was to see a unified America. A place where we treated one another with respect if not kindness.

Certainly, the faith of a time of those who were willing to be beaten and cast asunder. Put in jail if needed. If only to let those who come after – be free.

A faith of a time of those who were relentless in seeking peace.

A faith of time of those who looked after their elders and made sure the children were home before dark.

A faith of a time of those who were concerned of their neighbors’ well-being.

A faith of a time where wisdom was passed, from generation to the next.

A faith of time of those who prayed for things unseen.

A faith of a time, that this would be the cost of the ticket.

A faith -to be hopeful.

A faith to disrupt the evils that ail our society.

A faith to walk through darkness and see “light at the end of a dark street’.

A faith so profused it moves mountains.

And faith to finish what we started.~Krissy Mosley©2018 image by<a href=””>Profuse</a>




9 thoughts on “Now Go & Tell That: (part two)

      1. Visionariekind Post author

        truly appreciate these words very encouraging great stories on your blog Convert Novelist & I enjoyed those Aunty Funnies – rather Catching up with Maxine made my day 🙂


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