One Of A Kind:


Being a creator is like milk and honey for me. I see rivers flowing. I see many streams. It sort of reminds me of the Barney song.

“If every day where candy drops and gumdrops oh what a day that would be.”
“I would stand outside with my mouth open wide and say ah- ah ah ah.”

That’s what I envision the milk and honey of life.

It sweet but not too sweet. It soothes and flows effortlessly.

I emerge deeper.
While deep has called out to deep…

This is better than life and I have found it. I know this sounds crazy, but honey if that’s what it takes to stay soaring high. Then I’ll remain the little old lady with, fur coat and hat in 90′ degree weather.

And they’ll say, aren’t you hot and I say no baby.

Why are you cold? Then you should have worn a jacket.

As she relaxes in her wicker chair with sassafras tea and honey.

Puzzled I know. It’ll pass.

Because this is goodness. Unlike any other…

flowing from the inside out and it touches the pages of my chapter. ~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley image for


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