My Day Off:

Relax and drink tea.png

It was about 6:49 am. When I’d finally made up my mind. I was going to make the most of my day. Sometimes it feels like I don’t take a Saturday as I should but o’ I made the most of it today.

I thought this is nearly impossible to do with children ages nine, seven and five. At first, the younger started- “mommy I’m hungry” That’s when I asked her if she wanted to fast like Jesus but when she started to cry.

I knew neither of us was Jesus. So I got up made breakfast for everybody and jumped back in bed.

Something I rarely ever do.

That’s when it hit me like a wall tumbling down. Mommies can never have a day off. So–o-o I gathered the children and demanded that I was shutting down for the day.

If you’re hungry eat crackers and drink plenty of water. Watch your cartoons and I’m laying down.

Little did I know, they’d be fighting like cats and dogs- over whose watching what? And their favorite spot on the sofa. Blah Blah Blah. Mommy, mommy this and that. I wanted to scream.

And so I did.

Enough already!
You know what – that did it!

Everybody back in bed.
Let’s start over, we need a do-over ASAP.


Needless to say, while the children slept, I tossed and turn. I roughly got about 2 and half hours tops between breakfast and lunch.

Hey! Life happens and there’s work to be done.
P.S. At least I had my tea this time…signing off your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley

don’t judge I’m a work in progress…

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8 thoughts on “My Day Off:

  1. virgobeauty

    Hang in there. Yes, some days you have to take the work day off while they are in school and just stay in pajamas alllllll day. I hope the next day gives you more relax time. Glad you had your warm drink 😊

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  2. Malisha

    Two snaps & a sip!

    I’m glad you reminded me to value my peace as a single woman. However, being a former Caseworker and church volunteer with you, who traveled along side of various needs in the absence of their parents. I do could imagine your am.

    Loved the imagery given as if I became the neighbor next door peeping in your kitchen window giggling, like Whoopi in The Color Purple!

    Love & enjoy the way you write. Your pen, words & creative song always moves my heart.

    In spirit of writing ashe…


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