Do we as writers outgrow the pen?

Do we as social people want to have followers without depth?

Do we let our passion slip and fizzle out because there is no crowd?


If you ask me, I know I’ve been shallow and walked politely around the issues in my life. Yet as I’ve had the grace to evolved into a more mature person about writing.

It’s not about whether I write great or suck.
Just as long as I do it.

And that has sufficed an insufficient need in my life
as a mother, a wife, and a woman of color.

Yes, I would love to live online but there’s is no such thing as of yet.
I still must shake a few hands, give out a few hugs be human and use the toilet- if I can be frank.

I’ve let my passion slip a time or four and realized how empty -without tears delivering a dry cry, hating everything in my path, only because I let the one thing

I love slip, but O’ baby not anymore!

So, for now, I have not outgrown my pen.
P.S. don’t judge I’m a gem in progress.~your kindness sister Krissy


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