Monthly Archives: April 2018

Heaven’s Arms’

Destiny is not the end but it is unlocking of life’s purpose.
More so it is the beginning.
Apart, from the flow that got me here.

It is the becoming, apart from the path- missing in life.

I chase what GOD is…
I chase that sense of something greater.
Beyond that open door, I choose heaven
not waiting, for my last breath.

I’d share in heaven’s love
put my arms around the whole earth and hold-on
to everything and everyone and hold-on to that
kinda of love in my arms.~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley


“Wealth for the Soul”


It was a super breezy day. I’d finished doing the morning laundry. My kitchen wasn’t spotless but it was somewhat I call manageable. I needed a few items from the market. My son asked if he could tag along. I said sure. I didn’t need much so he’d asked to hold the food items.

As we made our way down the aisle we noticed the two lines that wrapped its way down the center. We stood at the very end when a woman who was first in line said, “Miss, that’s all you have. Do you wanna go?”

I thought – are you sure I don’t want to be rude to all the others shoppers patiently waiting. It’s not the easy thing – waiting.

So after a few more seconds, I responded, “thank you.” I made my way from the tail end of the line down the center aisle to the cashier.

If that wasn’t enough- I thought I had a clear path. Little did I know.  The narrow aisle between the lady’s shopping cart, my son handing me the items to put on this moving belt – and bam…

I made a wrong move and all the snacks on the side of me started tumbling down. Our mouths dropped. I kept saying sorry.

And then the miracle came:

On a normal day, this might not have happened. Seeing how things move faster in today’s times but a little heaven met us. I looked at all those grocery items on the floor. I started grabbing food. Trying to put it back on the shelf. That’ when other shoppers pitched-in, helping to restore the shelf. (from what my clumsy-self had ruined).  I said thank you,  thank you, everyone.

I paid for my items. I quickly left.

My son: Mommy that was a miracle. You know? I was embarrassed for you. Then the people started helping. It was amazing! Maybe God had those people to help you.  Because it was gonna be a long night if they didn’t…

Me: Yes indeed, it was the good LORD. And those people gave us a bit of heaven. For that, I’m thankful~your kindness sister

A Time to Keep:


This time
I’ll be easy to read.

No complications
I’ll leave off the fine print.

While my tears
bring downtime,
in the sun
and puppies in the alley.

Don’t break up
the morning
with the afternoon.

Please, would you stay.
It will be..

Love and paper hearts
and pieces of the sky
and the baby birds will

And it will be morning..~your Kindness sister

When It Comes:


The stones dance in our ears.
Lobes of sugar canes
on our tongues.

It requires us to dearly drink,
the clear-crisp brooks of the south.
Where spring waters delight.

And the plums are ripe.
And figs satisfy our tounges.

It tastes like home.
It feels like summer,
with no ice and no air-condition.

Where we are from
the sky is our city.

In plains to uncover, home
unlike any…

A light of glory.
A vision to repair.

A path in the lilies and folds.
A strength to strike rock.

And be
home.~your kindness sister