Heaven’s Arms’

Destiny is not the end but it is unlocking of life’s purpose.
More so it is the beginning.
Apart, from the flow that got me here.

It is the becoming, apart from the path- missing in life.

I chase what GOD is…
I chase that sense of something greater.
Beyond that open door, I choose heaven
not waiting, for my last breath.

I’d share in heaven’s love
put my arms around the whole earth and hold-on
to everything and everyone and hold-on to that
kinda of love in my arms.~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley


2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Arms’

  1. Malisha

    I love this one the most. Reminds me of a soothing drink to quench my thirst. As you refer to chasing God and finding Him. Three snaps!



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