A Bit of Living:


When you feel alive you know it. Surely you do! In a tip of a town. To forget all that’s sad, oh, that’s living! Don’t you forget, living too soon?

Taking-in the pain make it your own. It hurts a bit more than you want it. It smells like peaches and rain.

Although we’d rather be high. On chips and cream. Nothing is certain. We might win it all. With bets like this. When you feel young – you’ll be too old against the grey. No- such- a- thing as living too soon. And when you age above, every number there is..
finally, you’ll begin to play.

You’ll swing what you got left. Leave all that dirt for your shoes. Hold those hips and let them spin.

Glide in the calling of the wind.
Swoosh, Swoosh.
Down into the Delta see the boys on the stoop.

Step with the steppers of Chicago. Learn to do the Mississippi blues. Hold hands with the brotherhood, taste the cheese of the city.

Oh, even if, you never do these things.
Say, you’re a nun.
Say, you’re ninety.
Say, you’re a mum.
Say you’re somebody.

When you feel alive, you’ll know living.
It’s true!~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley

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