Dear Travels:


Where have you found God?
Where have you found me?

I’ve been squatting installs.
Playing in the darkness.
In the old beat-up truck in my front yard.

Said the darkness to the deep.
Said the launch to the leap.

Going the distance.
They’ve been with me.

In the dirtiest of places
Underneath the seats.

Cardboards -walls.
Or plastic sealed-leaks.

Going the distance.

To the little girl in me.
To the mother of three.
To the fatherless seed.

To the lonely soldier on the street.
To the toil or the labor.
To the bone or the sum.

Going home to walk the

That’s God.
That’s faith.
That’s traveling.

Where God is…~you Kindness Sister KrissyMosley


2 thoughts on “Dear Travels:

  1. Maren

    How many wadded up promises and panties, broken hearts, un-taken maps, coffee cups to keep the wheels going all night are under those seats?



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