Watering Lights:

I taste the salt of many lives.
What is life? Is it not light that is alive?
What is being? If it cannot be tasted like sweet grass in passing.
I become
dry like the deepest parts of the valley. Longing for stillness.
I sap out the stolen-waters of many youths.
They should’ve loved.
They should’ve grown.
They should’ve changed.
They should’ve known.
To be caught in a snare like a bird.
If I was a Mississippi Burning
I would burn all evils plans.
If I was a song I would dissolve the greatest sorrow.
That love is the anthem, love is a translating tone.
If I was a prayer, I’d reach Jesus
tell’em, bring heaven,
             bring the saints,
              bring wisdom,
and give’em to us our foolish souls.~your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley

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